Marketing Services

Our approach to marketing includes multiple steps to ensure we develop a strategy and execute against a plan that is measurable and flexible. This includes both online digital and offline marketing efforts.

Beyond the strategic planning and execution. We are pleased to offer website design and development services.  Brand creation and awareness.  Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.  Print and digital advertising.

From start to finish, we will develop a complete strategy to get your product and/or service into the market!

Our Marketing Approach:

Step 1

We start with learning about your product or service, goals and budget.

Step 2

Market research begins to identify like products or services and to review marketing tactics.

Step 3

Build a strategy and develop a go to market plan that is measurable and flexible.

Step 4

Initiate go to market plan following a pre determined calendar that can be adjusted based on results.

Step 5

Manage and measure marketing efforts. This is ongoing and adjustments will be made as needed to focus on achieving results.

What’s the AVA difference?

Armstrong Value Add recognizes the unique differences between Entrepreneurs and Large Corporations.  Our approach is specific to the individual needs of the companies we serve.  It is not a “one size fits all” approach.  We apply the same base principles and industry best practices to each campaign, but are flexible enough to adjust how we go to market based on niche, budget and overall goals.

Entrepreneur’s, especially today are fast to get products to market so that they can learn from the market. They take incomplete and half-baked ideas and get them in front of customers to quickly capture the voice of the customer (VOC). Is the product too big, too small, priced too high or too low, does it fit the occasion it was designed for and on and on?

Large corporations, most often try to do the same thing from behind a desk. It often fails. 8 out of 10 new products from large corporations don’t last 90 days. Reliance is more based on number of products introduced to market over the quality and precision needed when a product is introduced.

We are different at AVA, because we have the experience needed to tackle on the needs of businesses both large and small. We also have the flexibility to adjust our projects based on the needs of our customers, while still applying the same expertise towards achieving their goals.

How can we assist you?

Contact Armstrong Value Add Company for more information on how we can assist you.