Plastic Foam Extrusion Consulting


AVA  helps you with raw material, process control, quality, and hiring.

Extrusion Professional with 30+ years of Plastic Manufacturing experience.

30 years of exposure to many varieties of commercial and retail markets from toys to gaskets. (Best known for my work on the “Funnoodle”​ pool noodle and padding for fast food playgrounds.) Over 18 years of working with chains ie Walmart, Target, Kmart, Sam’s, Walgreen’s, Ace, Lowe’s Hardware etc.

We have consistently worked to be innovative and provide unique solutions for our customers.


  • Qualifying business operations for Best Practices Certification.
    • We provide;
      • OSHA Inspection evaluations,
      • Lean Workspace Principles,
      • 5’s Cultural Environment and
      • Quality First Company Disciplines.
    • Developing new operations processes.
      • Develop the Full Toolbox Innovation Directive.
      • Develop Continuous Improve Guidelines and Adherence Teams
      • We do Cycle time vs Budget Analysis
    • Developing new products.
      • Implement Agile Response Teams
      • Costing Model Evaluation and Verification
      • Sourcing USA and International.
        • We have contacts in China, India, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Europe and South America.

We will help design in-line and off-line fabrication equipment and processes.