Would I hire me?


Why would I take my advice as a consultant?

Would I hire me…YES.

Would I hire me because:

 I have 30 years of experience in manufacturing…NO.

I helped open 4 factories…NO.

I was a principle leader in the development of a product that went from 500K to 30 million pieces over 16 years…NO.

I was a plant manager that oversaw 600 production workers…NO.

I would hire me because;

 someone else trusted me to do these things.

someone else trusted me with expanded responsibility.

someone else rewarded me for my skills and talents.

I am putting forth the principle that accomplishments are the key factor when hiring a Consultant.


This is a blog post that is open to discussion;

Do you agree with the essential tenet of my argument?

Is “in the trenches” experience valued more then education?

How do you rate yourself?

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