Armstrong Value Add Company

Business Consultant Specialist

We have consistently worked to be innovative and provide unique solutions for our customers, helping them to find their "Value Add" through ORM (Optimizing Resource Management) and ARD (Agile Response Disciplines).

We Assist Companies...
We focus on increasing company "bottom lines" through consulting and executing against production strategies, prioritizing marketing tactics and by applying business management best practices. With partnerships that span the globe as well as an extensive network of industry experts and professionals. We have the tools, experience and resources needed to develop and execute against strategies designed to meet the goals and objectives of the companies that we work with.

We Specialize In...
Qualifying Business Operations for Best Practices Certification.
* We Provide OSHA Inspection Evaluations
* Lean Workspace Principles
* 5's Cultural Environment & Quality First Company Disciplines.

Enterprise Total Solutions for Customer & Product Management.
* We Do Forensic Accounting Audits
* Work place Process Flow Charting

Online & Traditional Marketing Services
*We Provide SEO & SEM Services
* Asset Sourcing / *Custom Projects
* Campaign Development & Management

Developing New Products.
*We Will Implement Agile Response Teams
* Costing Model Evaluation & Verification
* Sourcing USA & International.

“We have contacts in China, India, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Europe & South America.”

Developing New Operations Processes.
* Develop the Full Toolbox Innovation Directive.
* Develop Continuous Improve Guidelines & Adherence Teams
* We Do Cycle time vs Budget Analysis